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4 Women Hat Styles that Will Make you Look Flirty!

If you don’t have a stylish hat, perhaps this is the best time to acquire one. These are timeless accessories for both men and women and keep evolving to match the current fashion trends. Whether attending a party or going on a holiday, you can get a perfect hat for the event. But wait a minute, which style should I consider? You have various options when it comes to women’s stylish hats.

  1. Straw hat

The straw is a fashion accessory that you shouldn’t miss in your wardrobe. It’s a must-have style abettor for the fashion-conscious lady and suits many occasions. You can wear straw hats to parties, beaches, weddings, and many other events. If you love covering your head in summer, they will shield your face from the scorching heat. Again, you can customize your hat to showcase your taste and personality.

 What makes the straw hat unique?

The straw hat is neither too casual nor too formal, and you can wear it anywhere. You will look good with this hat, whether wearing a suit or casual wear- your choices are endless. Again straws are lightweight, making them great summer accessories.

They are breathable and will help keep the sun’s rays at bay. Straw hats are great choices for travel enthusiasts and add style to an otherwise traditional look. That’s not all; these hats are timeless and never go out of fashion. They have been around for years and are favorite due to their versatile nature.

  1. Beret

 Berets are famous hats among women. They feature a round shape and are typically made of wool. These hats are common among artists and poets and will give you that trendy look when paired with the right outfit. The good thing about berets is that they are heavy enough to keep your head warm. They’re also strong enough for spring weather. You can match a beret with transitional outfits like long-sleeve dresses and billowy blouses.

  1. Beanies

Beanies are functional and stylish and will keep your head warm in cold weather. You can wear a beanie to accentuate your outfit and hide unkempt hair. What’s more, a beanie will add that casual look to your gear. These hats come in various colors and are also known as ski caps or toques. Choose a tight-fitting beanie and pick a pattern to enhance your sense of style.

  1. Cocktail hat

Do you want to achieve that flirty and fascinating look? A cocktail hat will suit you best. It features a round shape and matches well with most outfits. It should be pinned to the head and usually comes with embellishments like lace, flower, and feathers to enhance its appeal. Where can I wear the cocktail hat? You can spruce your outfit with this hat at weddings, parties, and formal events.

The bottom line

A stylish hat will help you pull a striking look. Most women prefer the straw style, and you’ll get it in various colors. If shopping for a hat, pick the right size and blend it with other fashion accessories for a perfect fancy look.

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