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Digital or Acoustic Piano – Which Is Better

Choosing between an acoustic and a digital piano can be challenging. Besides, there is sound, cost, maintenance, etc. to think about. Let’s understand the different features of both styles of pianos to make an informed decision.

How acoustic piano works?

It has steel strings and hammers enclosed inside a wooden exterior. The keys you press are connected with the hammers. The hammer moves when keys get pressed and strike the steel strings that vibrate and sound gets produced.

Two types of acoustic pianos

  1. Grand piano
  2. Upright piano

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How digital piano works?

Digital sounds are produced but are a modern version of the acoustic piano style. When a key is pressed, the in-built electronic speakers play high-quality recordings of acoustic pianos.

Three kinds of digital pianos

  1. Grand piano
  2. Upright piano
  3. Portable piano

Which is better? Acoustic or Digital


Acoustic Piano produces authentic sound with a warm, resonate tone. You get better control of the vocalization and interpretation of musical notes. Alternatively, a digital piano mimics the acoustic piano sound. A digital file produces the sound, so the same type of acoustic nuances are not allowed.


The wooden exterior, hammers, and steel strings are delicate features of an acoustic piano, so it will need more maintenance. Some things to be careful about an acoustic piano is its tuning, which needs professional assistance. Wood is highly sensitive to humidity and temperature levels. An acoustic piano needs to be kept in a suitable environment.


Digital piano may lack sound quality when compared to the acoustic pianos but these get balanced with several great features.

  • You can produce other instrument sounds ranging from saxophone to choir.
  • Connect the digital piano with a computer to record your music and store it in digital files. A useful feature for bidding songwriters.
  • Volume control allows practicing without any disturbance to others.
  • You get to choose different styles and sizes. They are all portable and can be moved single-handedly.

Touch sensitivity

Acoustic pianos need strength to strike the keys but digital ones are gentle to touch. The former is touch-sensitive and produces different sound shades on the same key, which is not possible in digital pianos.


Acoustic pianos are more costly than their digital counterparts. The resale value of digital pianos is lower than acoustic pianos.


There are three pedals in an acoustic piano.

  1. Soft
  2. Sostenuto
  3. Sustain

The last pedal is used in all kinds of music. Some digital pianos have a sustain pedal but the portable ones don’t have any. You will need to figure out whether pedals’ presence can make a difference in melody making.

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