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How Influencers Are Changing The Activewear Industry

With the rise of social media and content marketing, people are becoming more and more interested in how they can improve their quality of life. What sets activewear apart from other clothing is that it is made with the intention of being physically active in mind. This is where brands of women’s workout clothes like Lilias Active can really shine and connect with their customers by offering advice and inspiration on how to incorporate activewear into your daily routine.

Here are some of the main types of women’s activewear many influencers can be seen wearing online:

Stretch Leggings

Stretch leggings are the new trend in activewear. These leggings are a favorite of many influencers. They are comfortable and come in a variety of colors and styles.They are designed to be super comfortable and flexible, making them perfect for wearing during workouts. Since they’re so flexible, they allow you to move around without being restricted by uncomfortable seams, or tight material.

Scrunch Tops

The scrunch-tops trend is a subset of the wider ’90s revival movement, and it’s essentially a top that’s been folded over and secured with elastic at the back. It’s a super flattering look for women who are self-conscious about their shape, as it subtly flattens any lumps and bumps while also creating a definition in your arms.

Crop Tops

The most popular type of workout clothes are the crop tops. These tops are usually made with a fitted waistband that helps you to hold your stomach in at the gym. They are worn by women of all sizes, and can be found at most quality retailers such as Lilias Active, LuluLemon, and Jack & Jones.

Seamless Sports Bras

The seamless sports bra is one of the most popular activewear trends. The design of this piece allows you to wear it under your clothing and not worry about any bulges or bumps. This means you can go out in public without fearing the embarrassment of wearing an ill-fitting garment.

Seamless Biker Shorts

The best way to show off your new fitness gear is with a pair of sleek, low-waisted black seamless biker shorts. They’re the perfect length for running or yoga, and they’re also great for showing off your toned legs when you’re in the gym.

They’re super comfortable and they won’t ride up or pinch, which makes them ideal for active types who want to look stylish as they work out. Biker shorts are also great for keeping your privates warm on chilly days when you aren’t working out or running around.

Bottom Line

The best part about activewear is that it’s not only comfortable and super stylish, it’s also good for you. You’ll feel centered, energized and motivated as you move.

And as online trends show, activewear is not just for the sporty type anymore. Brands like Lilias Active are offering activewear for every occasion. Their fitness clothes for women are trendy and stylish, and can be worn for everything from running around the neighborhood to a day at the office.


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