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Makeup for teens

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of simple makeup tips for teens to help you look your best!


When applying foundation, using a brush instead of your fingers is essential. Brushes will help you get the perfect finish and coverage you want. You can find many different types of makeup kit at drugstores or beauty supply stores.

If you have acne or dark circles under your eyes, try using concealer before applying foundation. This will ensure everything is covered evenly and adequately before putting on other products or colors!


Becoming flushed is an extraordinary method for adding variety to your face. You can choose from shades, but the most popular blush colors are pink and peach. Using a brush instead of your fingers when applying blush is best because it will apply more evenly and look more natural. When applying blush with a brush, dab the bristles into the product on top and gently sweep across each cheekbone in an upward motion (away from ears). If you have dark circles under eyes or bags under your eyes, then apply some powder there first before applying any other makeup products because these areas tend to be oily, which will cause products like eye shadow or mascara not to stay in place as well as they should during the application process if not correctly set beforehand with loose mineral powder!


  • Choose a neutral color for your eyeshadow.
  • Apply the shadow with a brush, and then apply it to your eyelid. You can also use the same technique to apply eye shadow in layers, starting with light colors and working up to darker ones.
  • Use another brush (or your finger) to blend out any harsh lines or edges that may have formed between colors as you applied them.

Step 7: Apply mascara to your lashes. Use a mascara wand with short bristles to help you get all the tiny lashes on your lower eyelid. Apply one coat of mascara, and then apply another if desired.

Mascara & eyeliner

Top and bottom lashes should be covered in mascara. If you are new to eye makeup, start with a simple look by applying mascara only to your top lashes. If you have more experience applying eyeliner or eyeshadow, try adding color by applying eyeliner on your upper lid and blending it into the crease of your eye (where the shadow would go).

If desired, add a colored eye shadow over your black liner or vice versa – this will help make both products appear darker and more dramatic.

Teen makeup can be fun and easy, too

  • Use only a little makeup. It’s easy to go overboard when you’re excited about trying new products and techniques. However, it’s important to remember that teen skin is still developing and more sensitive than adult skin.
  • Don’t use dark or bright colors on your eyelids (unless you want an eye-catching look). Some teens like bold eyeliner, but if you’re starting with makeup for teens, stick with neutral shades like browns and grays instead of black or blue ink.
  • Avoid fake eyelashes unless necessary–they can be irritating if they get caught in your lashes or brush against your eyeball while blinking! If they do irritate you after a few hours of wear time, try using waterproof mascara instead of regular mascara so that the glue won’t come off as quickly when washed off at night before bedtime; this will give them more staying power without irritating the sensitive skin around your eyes as much as regular formulas do over time.


Whether you’re a mom or a teen, You now have a better understanding of the best makeup for teenagers thanks to this article. We know how confusing it can be to pick out products when so many options are available, but remember that it’s all about finding what works best for you! As long as the product is high quality and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals (like parabens), then there’s no reason why anyone should avoid using them.

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