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Tips to Buy the Right Washer and Dryer for Your Needs

Washer and dryer are the two commonly used and important electric appliances that make the task of washing and drying clothes easy. Available in countless make and models, choosing the one with desired features out of them could be a tricky decision. Here are a few tips that will help you find your ideal washer and dryer.

Type of dryer and dryer

The type of dryer and washer you choose should depend on the place you will install it in the house. They are available in three main types such as stackable, gas, and electric, with or without vent.

If your laundry is placed in a narrow closet in the home, then go for “stackables” option. If these units are smaller in size, then it may not fit in large comforters in the machine. The best option for you to consider in that case would be either electric or gas.

Me Selectros is the leading companies that sell a wide range of branded and superior quality electrical appliances. Aveuse LG is one of the most sought-after appliances in the market.

Consider the size

Size is another important aspect that you must consider when buying a washer and dryer. Standard washers come in the width of 27inches or 27.5 inches.

Their capacities go from 3.1 cu. ft to 6.2 cu. ft. A lot of them falls between 3.5cu. ft and 4.6 cu. ft. The amount of laundry they can hold depends on their style such as front-loaded or top loaded. Compact machines are 24 inches in width and have 3.0 cu. ft of capacity.

What should you choose front-load or top-load?

If you are stacking your laundry machines or putting them below a counter, then you would require front-loaders machine. If you have adequate space in your laundry room for doors or lids to swing out or swing up, then you can choose between a front-load or top-load machine. Top-loaders are comparatively less expensive, and less efficient than front-loaders that are gentler, and provide better cleaning.

The washing bins present on the top-loader machine are very deep that makes it difficult for shorter people to retrieve clothes from the bottom. It is advised to check whether you experience any difficulty in reaching the bottom of the machine to take your clothes. This is not the problem in the case of a front-loader design.


The above guide will educate readers on all those aspects that must be considered when buying a dryer and a washer.

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