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What Are the Major Components of an E-Cigarette?

To those who are unfamiliar with vaping, the electronic cigarette might seem a rather complex item, yet it consists of only a few major components. Since the turn of the century, there have been many developments in the design of the electronic cigarette, which have resulted in an environment where veteran vapers can buy individual components and build their own vaping device. If you are not so familiar with the e-cigarette, here is a brief description of the various components in a vaping device.

  • The Inhaler/Mouthpiece – Typically a shaped piece of plastic, the mouthpiece is held between the lips and inhaled, allowing the vapour to enter the lungs. There are a few different designs to choose from regarding the mouthpiece, and most resemble the tip of a cigarette.
  • The Tank/Cartridge – This container holds the e-liquid and they come in many different shapes and sizes, with some being disposable and some refillable. Larger tanks allow for extended use, and there are so many individual components available, it is easy to design your own vaping device, and when you buy vape equipment, choose an established online supplier.
  • The Coil/ Burner – This is the element that heats the e-liquid to a temperature when it turns to vapour, which the user then inhales. Some coils are more powerful than others, allowing the user to vape continually for a few more seconds, with early versions using the atomiser and later versions having a clearomiser, which allows for longer vaping actions. Some vape sticks require the pressing of a small button to engage the coil, while other work automatically when the user inhales.
  • Lithium Rechargeable Battery – This is what supplies the power to the atomiser, and there are several different sizes of battery, with some holding a lot more charge, which is great when you are away for the weekend.
  • USB Charging Cable – Every e-cigarette comes with a short USB charging cable, which allows you to recharge the battery at will, and many vapers carry a spare battery when out and about, as it offers more freedom.

Starter Kits

If you are new to vaping, looking at the many individual components can seem a little daunting, and you are advised to begin with a vaping starter kit that includes a basic vape stick, a selection of e-liquids and the USB charging cable. This is really all you need to begin your vaping experience, and as you become more familiar, you can move on to the more sophisticated devices. As well as starter kits, you can also order e-liquid selections that include a little of each, giving you a wide range of different flavours, and these are designed to introduce the vaper to new flavours.

Delicious E-Liquid Flavours

Over the years, the e-liquid manufacturers have been very busy, and today, there are literally hundreds of exotic flavours to tempt the vaper. Over a period of time, you will gradually create a shortlist of your favourites, and, of course, when new flavours are introduced, you should try them at least once.

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