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A golf simulator comes in handy during the rainy days when you can’t go to the golf course to play. It is a virtual golf setup that allows you to indulge in your favorite sport any day of the year. It offers you an ideal way to keep your golf skills fresh when you can play outdoors. But with so many golf simulators on the market, shopping for one can be confusing. This guide answers some of the most asked questions when investing in a golf simulator.

How much space is enough?

As you may already know, a golf simulator is set up in your home in a designated space where you can play anytime. You can set it up in a room you don’t use, garage, or backyard space. But how much room is enough? This will depend on the golf simulator package you opt for. Generally, the ceiling height is usually the commonest limitation for buyers.

The best thing is to conduct an experiment in the room you want to set it up. Take your golf club and make a slow backswing to see if it hits the ceiling. You can adjust your golf simulator package depending on the rest of the space.

Permanent vs. portable golf simulator

You can decide to invest in a permanent golf simulator, which means it remains in a designated room or space. In contrast, portable simulators give you the flexibility of moving them. A portable golf simulator is beneficial since it allows you to transform the room back to normal when it is not in use. Mobile simulators are getting popular due to their versatility.

What else do you need?

A golf simulator comes with many components, including a golf launch monitor, projector, golf mat, golf net, computer, pc or iPad for connection, and other golf accessories. You may decide to use a golf net in place of a simulator screen or projector. When you have a larger budget, you get a golf simulator with many features and vice versa.

How much money do you need?

There are different types of golf simulators within different price ranges. Your ideal golf simulator is that which suits your golfing needs and goals. Before looking for a golf simulator, the first thing is listing down your priorities and then establish a budget. You can get a golf simulator for a few thousand dollars, while others cost upwards of $20,000.

How long does the initial setup take?

With every component on site, the initial golf simulator setup may take as little as 15minutes. The setup time depends on the simulator package you have chosen, and the simulator screen and projector set up may take even 30minutes depending on their complexity.

Can you upgrade?

The best part of a golf simulator is that you can upgrade with time, whether you want to add high-tech components or improve the overall setup. The hardware components are easily compatible, so you can upgrade as your budget allows.


When buying a golf simulator, take your time to perform your diligence to make the best choice that will positively impact your gameplay.

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